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Daily Archives: December 30, 2018

Positive Impact of Islamic Art on Society

History of Islamic Art takes its roots in the seventh century and encompasses all types of visual art produced by people who inhabited culturally Islamic territories. Though Islamic art long […]

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Problems related to Physical and Mental Health Issues

Physical and mental health issues are very widespread in United States. These issues affect everyone despite gender, age or race (Kendall, 2009). Consequently, they have been a cause of so […]

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Drinking and driving

Introduction Driving while drunk is collectively known as impaired driving where one drives when under alcohol or any other drug influence. In some countries such as Canada, drinking and driving […]

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Mishima’s “Patriotism”

Introduction Written by Yukio Mishima, Patriotism is an allegorical short story describing the circumstances leading to the death of a young man and his newly wed wife. The author employs […]

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Racial and Ethnic Groups

American Indians are the native inhabitants of America. They lived in the United States many years before its colonization. Their peaceful existence was interrupted by the coming of the Europeans […]

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