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Towards Understanding Behaviorism School of Psychology

Towards Understanding Behaviorism School of Psychology

admin / February 2, 2019


PurposeTo critically discuss the behaviorist school of psychology, including its origins, renowned psychologists associated with the school, underlying viewpoints, and its place in contemporary times
IntroductionIntroduces the topic of behaviorism; defines behaviorism
Early Origins of BehaviorismDiscusses how behaviorism was introduced in 1912 and the reasons behind its introduction
Rise of Behaviorism: Prominent Figures & their ContributionsDiscuss:

J.B. Watson – stimulus and response experiments implications & contributions to behaviorist school

Ivan Pavlov – classical conditioning, contributions, & implications to behaviorism school

B.F. Skinner – operant conditioning, radical psychology & contributions to behaviorism school

conclusionConcludes the topic by offering useful insights on behaviorism
Personal reflectionOffer my own thoughts, strong points of behaviorism and critique

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